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What to focus on in August?

Vacations have started to wind-down as the beginning of a new school year quickly approaches! It is a great time to get in front of consumers with your Back to School Specials, whether it is for Mom to finally have time to start working out again, or working on home projects, getting the house clean again - don't forget the parents in your ads. Parents also focus on shopping, starting dance, karate, art, music, etc. lessons, healthy appointments to dentists, orthodontists, etc. You can also provide Moms and Dads with a break from cooking as it is still HOT and schedules start to get busy with the final preparations for school and Back to School Nights.


Back to School Sales/Promotions, End of Summer Sales/Promotions, and Early Fall Promotions


•        Start with a Powerful Headline that Grabs their Attention: Great headlines come in many forms. Short and sweet can help consumers quickly be drawn into your ads. Need help with a headline? Ask us!

•        Make them an Offer They Can’t Refuse: Consumers love a great bargain. Whether it is a huge one – time sale, free trial, or a bundled package – make sure your offers stand out and motivate consumers to buy!

•        Include a “Call to Action” Item – Measure Results: Whether your call-to-action includes a coupon, a trackable phone number with clear reasons to call, etc. Call-to-Action items invite the consumer to respond to your ad and gives you a method for measuring your advertising.

•        Use Good Graphics, Clean Content/Layout: People in society today rely heavily on visuals. Whether it is from photos, infographics, ect. You need to have catchy graphics, minimal text and clear layouts.

•        Use Clear Contact Information: Why advertise with no way to find or contact you? Don’t make it hard for consumers to contact you!

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